Fee-only investment and retirement planning adviser


David S. Erlandson, CFP®, Principal

Patrick K. Steers, Financial Planning and Portfolio Analyst

Michelle M. Thoman, Office Manager


We provide custom advice, friendly service and no product sales.

Erlandson Wealth Management, LLC, is a registered investment adviser in the states of Oregon and Washington. The firm may not transact business in states where it is not appropriately registered, excluded of exempted from registration. Individualized responses to persons that either involve the effecting of transaction in securities, or the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation, will not be made without registration or exemption.


Our structure

Our structure cuts out the "middle man" costs associated with most of the big-brand, big-box firms.

Our clients' investment accounts are safely held at TD Ameritrade Institutional. TD Ameritrade efficiently provides traditional services for your accounts, such as online access, monthly statements, FDIC insured checking accounts and trading.


Are you motivated?

Are you motivated to enjoy a comfortable retirement? Perhaps you are on track to meeting your goals, or possibly you already have the resources set aside.

Given your current plan, maybe you feel anxiety about maintaining your lifestyle, independence and dignity throughout your life. You might wonder if your plan and resources are adequate.

In the back of your mind, are you thinking, “What is the smartest way to build financial resources and live off of them in retirement?” 

If you have some or all of these thoughts, you are in good company!


A short video and a free guide

" Can You Tell the Difference? "

Field Guide: Pursuit of a Financial Advisor


Take control of your personal financial security

A trusted statistic shows that people who write down their goals are ten times more likely to achieve them.[1] 

Our mission is to help you create and protect your personal wealth by using the financial planning process. To clarify where you stand now and where you could be. And to implement a sound strategy to meet your unique goals and dreams. 

Our mission is to empower you with financial independence.


Investment-based advice and planning

We help our clients

  • Create and protect diversified investment portfolios
  • Intelligently withdraw income during retirement
  • Minimize the effect of taxes

We do not sell financial products-- we manage investments.


Fee-only advice for informed, confident decisions

We offer a measured approach to fee-only investment management, financial planning and estate planning. 

Like many knowledgeable, experienced and ethical advisors, we have gone independent to help our clients as fee-only advisors. Because we are not affiliated with a broker-dealer, we enjoy providing personal counseling without commissions and conflicts of interest. In other words, we put you and your best interests first: your feelings, your thoughts and your concerns.

We are free to objectively examine your circumstances and make optimal investment recommendations without pressure to promote particular mutual funds, annuities or insurance policies. We recommend a diversified portfolio of low-cost exchange traded index funds (ETFs) and actively managed no-load mutual funds. 

We are low-key. We never pressure you or sell to you. 

Our approach: easy going and easy

We make the financial planning process painless and efficient.

We start with an initial complimentary phone or office consultation. If we are a good fit, you bring your information and relax. We educate, we coordinate, and on an ongoing basis, we efficiently manage your financial plan.   


Wealth management since 1994

  • Enduring client relationships that span generations
  • Experienced and trusted Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®)
  • Comfortable and efficient step-by-step financial planning process
  • Objective and comprehensive wealth management analysis and  personal education
  • Balanced investment advice within your personal risk tolerance
  • Service-oriented coordination and proactive monitoring of your investments and personal financial goals 
  • Fee-only, affordable financial planning


Scan our pages

Whether you are looking for an advisor for the first time or simply seeking a second opinion about alternative services, we invite you to scan our pages. You will learn about our services, and you can link to informative material at the Financial Planning Association site.  

  • Check the Our Approach page and see if it feels comfortable and resonates with what you want from your advisor. 
  • View the Why Us page to see a useful checklist for choosing an investment advisor (no matter whom you choose).


Initial complimentary consultation

We hope that you consider using our services. Please feel free to email us: Contact us regarding any of your personal wealth management and financial planning questions.

Let's see if we are a good fit! Take action and request a phone or office Complimentary consultation for questions or portfolio review.


[1] http://www.lifemastering.com/en/harvard_school.html